Tall Order

Tall Order is a musical project that I’ve had in me for years and that’s just now finally surfacing and becoming a reality.

My name is Charlie Couteau.
When I started composing songs back in 2013, I didn’t quite know where it would lead me. I only knew one thing: I wanted to be able to hold my music in my hands and to share it with the world.

That’s what my childhood friend and faithful drummer Lorry Delatie helped me achieve.
We successful crowdfunded our first 5 track EP “Who Gives?” in 2017 and now we’d like to tour it of course.

Since the beginning of this year, we’ve been working on the live show.
That’s when Florent Barnaud (bass) and Jeremy Bonneau (guitar) joined us.

Turn up the volume!

Tall Order’s first song “Cut to the chase” is now available for free streaming.

Cut To The Chase – Tall Order © 2017

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